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23 January 2017 @ 12:06 am

You married a wonderful woman. You're a loving father. So, you lived right. But my friend, you're not dying right.

Have you told your family yet?
You're not helping them. You're just denying them of what is right for you there.
...and the chance to say goodbye.

Time goes through you.
So I doubt that your battle with time is over.

No. I'm in all of it. I'm the darkness and the light. I'm the sunshine and the storm. Yes, you're right. I was there in her laugh. But I'm also here now in your pain. I'm the reason for everything. I am the only why. Don't try and live without me, Howard. Please don't.


When I stumbled upon CB's trailer (in facebook), I knew I had to watch it. Honestly, I don't like dramas (specifically, heavy ones and those that will make me cry) but there is something that made me want to watch this movie.

What I got from the trailer is that Howard wrote letters to Live, Time and Death. Then all of a sudden, these people/things started showing up and calling themselves as such. So I got this feeling of "wow, it has a fantasy touch whatsoever" and I definitely need to watch this.

And so, the moment of truth.

Howard is a smart and good man. He has the job and the family but then, his daugther died. He became dead inside. Nobody could talk to him or could properly converse with him. Then, something came up with their company. A lot of people will be jobless if Howard don't change the voting rights. So his friends, the ones he started the company with, had to make a move. Even though, only one thought of a way and pushed through with it. Anyway...

At first, it was so-so like "hmm, okay". Then, Amy showed up and led one of Howard's friends to this small theater practice. Not that personally led but she was followed by Howard's friend. There were three people in the theater including Amy practicing a script (an old lady and a guy). This is the start of how Howard's friend made the whole stuff. Will not go into details but I never noticed how far I was already in the movie. All the building up is took too long but I think, it was essential.

They (the three friends of Howard) would fund the play but they should pretend to be the Death, Time and Love for Howard. Because they couldn't talk to him properly, they would go into his world. They would let him talk to them and hope that it would make him unable to think properly for the company so that they can make a deal with another without having to consider Howard's shares and vote.

This is when I thought... like seriously, I thought it has some magical touch like they were really Death, Time and Love but no! They were actors! Hired actors for 20000usd each! Huhuhu I felt betrayed. Sooooo betrayed. But, I still kept on watching though I didn't have that same expectation. :(

It changed when I thought, there is something odd about this. Why is Death with Simone who is going to die soon??? And there are other things. Then, the nicest and touching lines were being said. I had a feeling already.

Howard then turned to this support group led by a woman who lost her daughter and is divorced with her husband. She talked about how her ex-husband gave a letter after their divorce stating "I wish we could be strangers again" and how they did end up being strangers. She even talked about how an old lady she met in the hospital just before her daugther died told her about collateral beauty. So I started thinking that they would end up together because she started talking about her situation and Howard can somehow talk to her. But then, whenever she asks for Howard's daugther's name, Howard couldn't answer.

Suddenly, DTL showed again and then after that, they had the meetin that Howard is not capable of thinking for the company. They had evidence. They showed the clips where Howard was angry and talking with DTL but in the video, he was talking to no one! I WAS LIKE NO WAY! Did they edit that?! Did they do that and betray their friend?! Then Howard said that it was the right thing to do. Because all of them are not in their right minds. He started talking to his friends one by one like throwing in their faces how he knew each and everyone's situation. He knew that Claire wants a family but always put the company first so he appreciates it, how Simone is sick and needs the job more than ever for his family and how he will be with Simone's family as long as he's there, and how Will was hated by her daughter but he needed to treasure his daughter no matter what. It was like something pierced my heart right then! How could his friends do that when he knew what each of them is going through? Howard signed the necessary papers and left.

Claire paid Time. But she, rather they, got more than they paid for. When Time said those things specifically that "maybe it was acting". Oh no you didn't! I felt betrayed again by my own conclusions! And so Will talked to his daugther and they got okay and then Simone paid Death and they had a little conversation. But! Death said the play they were supposed to do was not gonna push through but "nothings ever really dead if you look at it right". Thank you. I am more convinced of what is happening that moment.

After that, Howard went to their group leaders house on Christmas eve asking if he could talk with her etc. Then, she told Howard that she was watching the video of her daugther and her ex-husband dancing. She again asked Howard his daugther's name and showed him the letter of her ex.... then played the video! Not again! Howard was her ex-husband! Great! I didn't expect that! Huhuhuhu

Now, you know the twists and those betrayed moments of my feelings. Because it turns out that the old lady was really Death and she already talked to Howard's wife before. Like uhhhhhh. I hate it. They really are Death, Time and Love!!

Anyway, even though the movie has a lot of bad reviews, I enjoyed it. I CRIED. It was beautiful. I loved it. Thank you for this movie :)

I hope many will be inspired by this too.

16 November 2016 @ 10:50 pm

It seems any comment or message I receive does not really send any notification to me 😢

So, I'm really sorry for those who asks for links but I wasn't able to reply immediately or even reply. And I lost someone's message asking me for links on amachu's co  huhuhu Sorry!!! Please message me agai  if you read this.

I'm currently inactive in a lot of fandoms. Reality is eating me huhuhu But I'm very proud of Yama and his project, FMA Live. I WILL SUPPORT AND LOVE HIM WHATEVER HAPPEN BUT I DO HOPE IT WILL BE AN AMAZING MOVIE :)

Ansatsu wasnt really that good especially p2 huhu

26 October 2016 @ 09:42 pm

I fell in love with News' new music last Summer entitled "Koi wo shiranai kimi e".
I decided to sub their performance on Music Station :)
Surprisingly, I was bored and had time hahaha

Please enjoy :)

Click the link below for the subbed perf!

09 July 2016 @ 03:51 pm
Before, I told you guys that I have been hooked up on Chinese web novels. Actually, it started with light novels from Japan.

The very first LN I read was Sword Art Online. I watched the anime and because I can't wait for the next season, I started reading from the second book to the gun gale online. GGO did not suit my taste but I finished reading it and ever since then, I never read or watched anything related to SAO. Then, I got introduced to Tate no Yuusha (Shield Hero). Wait, Have I made an entry about Shield Hero?? I think I haven't!!! OMG!! Let me make an entry soon (if I have the time). Anyway, I was reading it from Yoraikun's site. To the point that I caught up with its latest. Believe me, it has a lot of chapters!! And since it was still an on-going translation work that time, I had to keep myself busy with other novels. Haha! I started reading a bunch but what got me interested was only Konjiki no Wordmaster and Zhan Long. I can't remember how my brother came across Zhan Long but he introduced me to the manhwa and then from that, I started reading the novel from Wuxiaworld's site.

Let me make myself clear. Every title I had mentioned and will mention are worth reading. *winks*

So because of Zhan Long... I was introduced to the world of Chinese web novels! Tada~!

It started with Coiling Dragon and so far, this is the only completed novel I read. /cries
It is really good. Nice story, nice characters. Except for the ending. Oh gosh! That ending nearly made me flip the table even though there was no table that ime! Then, I started lurking in forums and comments sections and started reading Stellar Transformations. Also a nice story but has similarities with CD. It's also nice.

I can't remember the sequence of what I read but these are the titles and some of my notes:

  • Ni Tian Xie Shen / Against the Gods - Yun Che is definitely one of the most playboy protagonist that I came across but, not the kind of playboy that is irritating. Something like, he's a playboy yet, he doesn't know it and you would just say, "Ah, so that's it.". But I recommend the story. I really do!! Please read it!! It was exciting!!

  • Guang Zhi Zi / Child of Light - it's a light story. Honestly, I read this because a lot of comments state that it has a touch of BLbut, it does not! Really! I can't even feel a little bit of BL in this! Anyway, if you want to take a break from the heavy action, adventure, drama type novels, then read this!

  • Jin Zhan Fa Shi / Close Combat Mage - OMG. Suo Jia is probably the youngest protagonist I have known so far! I mean, yeah, there are a lot of young protagonists in xianxia novels but seriously, Sou Jia is the one who made me feel like I'm really reading a story of a young boy! And, this is not to spoil you but, the twists in this story is something I didn't expect! I honestly did not! I was reading this while thinking, "okay, yeah, uhmm, okay" and then out of the blue... BOOM! The author hits you so hard!!! OTL Definitely a must read!

  • Mo Tian Ji / Demon's Diary - Liu Ming is probably the protagonist I taught would be so OP but then, not. Hahahaha! I read this one because I don't have anything to read anymore and just came across this title. Up until now, I have no clue as to why things are happening in this novel but that's the mystery and that's what you are meant to be thinking while reading this.... I think? Hahahaha!

  • Descent of the Phoenix - the only novel I read with a girl protagonist. OMG. I never thought that I still have a heart for shoujo novels but yeah, here it is! And I must say... you'll probably believe in forever if you read this. It has a lot of romance going on but there are still action in it that wouldn't make you regret reading it.

  • Doulou Dalu / Combat Continent / Soul Land - THE MOST HEARTBREAKING NOVEL I HAVE READ SO FAR! It was really dramatic from the beginning up until now and I really don't regret I chose to read this one! It is still action-packed but, the dramas would really make you cry your heart out and just make you wish you could enter the novel and choke to death those enemies!! Please please please please read this one!! Definitely my most recmmended novel!! You wouldn't expect the twists, the story, the characters are all colorful!! WAAAA!

  • Long Live Summons - A colorful novel to read. The story is so vibrant. That's all. Joke! I mean, I read this while my brother is spoiling me (even though I don't like spoilers but he always tell bits of the novel from time to time!). I read this knowing what will happen next so... I can't really comment that much. But, definitely something to read. :)

  • Peerless Martial God - Hmm... I can't remember this story that well but I know that I liked it! Hope you'll read this one!

  • True Martial World - This was the latest novel I read and was just catching up to its latest. The world is truly unfair in this one. It's a good story that made me come back to reading xianxia novels. :D I always gets excited when Yi Yun shows everybody how capable he is!

09 July 2016 @ 03:06 pm
I didn't know that the adult world would be this cruel. Joke!

I seriously haven't watched anything these past few days except MIR!!

And I only watch MIR every time it has already been subbed!

Take me back to my university days~~~

Balancing my thesis with my fan girl life was definitely a lot easy than balancing work life with fan girl life!!

Oh by the way, MIR fan base is definitely growing. I hope they will have a fan meet in the Philippines soon.
And, I hope a lot of people will still support them.

Me and my friends decided to save money and go to Thailand next year. But, honestly speaking, I think there will still be days when your plan would be ruined. Now, I'm arranging everything to have plan B-Z.

Seriously, before, my main goal was to go to Japan to see my idols there. Actually, it is still my dream up until today because I still haven't seen YAMA!!! OTL Anyway, right now, my frustration is not Japan but Thailand! What is happening to meeee? Is this what they say... Nothing is permanent except change!?



That's all for the update.
I get updates in FB but I seldom write in this LJ nowadays. ;A;
I have a new writing site and that is much mor active than this one! Whyyyyyy!?

I'll try my very best.

I miss subbing NND videos.

Why is my desk top so far away~~~~
18 June 2016 @ 06:29 pm
Okay so for a recommendation this time...

For BL lovers out there...

For those who like Live Action series...





Anyway, this series is much more (for me, that's it) better than Love Sick the series.

Maybe because almost all the actors this time pulled their characters that it all seems natural!!



I hope that when my friends and I could visit Thailand, we will be able to see these handsome, cute, and adorable guys!!


Okay. Off to Dreamland because I'm getting frustrated that I'm not in Thailand right now and I can't still see them as of the moment in person... Did you understand that? HAHAHAHA
18 June 2016 @ 06:23 pm
Hi guys!!

I'm currently working on a new adventure story entitled, DAKILA.

I have always been fascinated by our country's folklore and mythology.

Well, I grew up with a grandmother who will always tell stories from her past about such things whenever I ask her.

She tells stories about aswangs, tikbalangs, anting-anting, and many more.

As a matter of fact, I have an anting-anting when I was still small which our grandmother gave me.

It was an empty bullet shell that has some incantation on it.

I can't remember where it is right now but I remember that I always love to bite it. (Okay. I'm weird. Sorry for being alive.)

Anyway, I'm putting pieces of information for my new story and thus, I'm looking at a lot of references.

This is basically something new to me because my previous stories only sprung out of my mind and I don't really look at references this much.

Anyway, I hope you'll have the time to read it.


PLEASE VISIT MY NEW SITE: http://ilovestrawberriesblog.wordpress.com!!

I write original stories in Tagalog and English :)
09 May 2016 @ 10:40 pm

To the guy who made a huge impact on my life, who inspired me whenever I see or watch him, who pushed me to do better and to keep on moving forward, who still haven't met me but I know someday, he will.....


Let me rephrase Boss' statement to Win for you...

I don't regret that I became your fan back then. Do you know why? Because I know that one day... I'll eventually meet you.

03 May 2016 @ 06:30 am

Thank you for still visiting my fan girling world and I'm sorry for being inactive these days.

Actually, I keep on flailing but I never had the chance to write them. Reality is a bit hard on me ever since I graduated. -_-

I thought it would be the working mode and the saving money mode from here on.

However, since I was a scholar, I am still held by my scholarship.

Even now that I'm working, academics stuff come to me like mushrooms!!!

They just appear out of nowhere!!!

Can you believe it???

This is totally insane ;A;

Anyway, I'll try to be as active as I can.

I will!

19 March 2016 @ 12:46 am
I would like to announce that I started a new writing blog in wordpress. :)

here's the link:


I write original stories in Tagalog and English.