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10 June 2017 @ 08:19 am
I saw my MF folder and realized that some videos there haven't been posted here.
So, in order to get them out, I will dump them here!
I will not be posting SCs because those files are already saved somewhere else and I would have to get my Dragon Ball radar just to find them.

Raw videos from NND site and/or youtube depending on the file.

Without further interruptions, please enjoy them:

Various Utaite:

[ENG SUB] A very, very merry Christmas - Amatsuki

[ENG SUB] Hatsukoi no Ehon -another story- ver Amatsuki

[ENG SUB] Alice ver Swy (taken from his nama)

[ENG SUB] BelovedxSurvival - Gero

[ENG SUB] Pure Love Delusion - Rootfive (animated ver)

[ENG SUB] Pure Love Delusion - Rootfive (live action ver)

[ENG SUB] Love Flower - Rootfive

[ENG SUB] Let's - Smiley*2gs

Lakorn/Thai Fandom:

[ENG SUB] Love has no conditions - Nat&Tol  (Official MV and Love Sick S2 OST)

Tagalog songs / OPM:

[ENG SUB] Hiling - Silent Sanctuary (Official MV)

[ENG SUB] Kundiman - Silent Santuary (Official MV)

[ENG SUB] Pangaral lang kita - Parokya ni Edgar (Official MV)

[ENG SUB] Sa isang sulyap mo (Official MV)

[ENG SUB] Sleep - Rivermaya (Official MV)
09 June 2017 @ 10:01 pm
I seldom go online for a lot of reasons.
So, please be patient with me when I do not immediately reply to any message or request. ;A;
Thank you.

I already had these subbed videos on me for a while and wasn't able to upload them because the internet is so slow! lllorzlll

I will immediately upload them when the internet gets better. :)

I'm currently with a disease right now and it's called, mental block.
I don't know why but whenever I go online, I seem to forget whatever it is that I should be doing huhuhu

Anyway, that's a run down.

Have a happy month of June!!

I wasn't able to greet Luffy and Yama on their birthdays huhuhuhu
I love Regine's voice and when I heard this song on the bus (yes, on a bus while I was going to another city), I literally wanted to translate this. I can't tell that much about the song. It's better that you listen to it and just enjoy Regine's voice, particularly on the first 'araw gabi' line. It's soooooooo good!!

Raw video is from Wish 1075 youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTuMzurqMME
Please support the artist by watching the raw video mentioned above. Thank you.




Araw-Gabi - Regine Velasquez-Alcasid Live on Wish 107.5
09 June 2017 @ 07:17 pm
I translated this song because it's a really nice one. I like the gentleness/calmness I feel whenever I hear this song. :)
I don't really know the original singer of this song but there are a lot of versions of this. I think Aiza Seguerra sang this originally but I keep on having The Company in mind,too.

Basically, in my own opinion, the song tells about loving a person who's in-love with another. This is not really a heartbreaking song because in the end, it tells that you just can't do anything so just be it. The important thing is that, you told him/her your feelings so that you'll never have any regrets, right?

Anyway, please enjoy the translation!


Pakisabi Na Lang

Nais kong malaman niya / I want him to know
Nagmamahal ako / that I'm in love with someone
'Yan ang nag-iisang pangarap ko / It's my one and only dream

Gusto ko mang sabihin / Even if I want to say it
'Di ko kayang simulan / I don't know where to start
'Pag nagkita kayo / If ever you'd meet
Pakisabi na lang / can you please tell him?

*Pakisabi na lang na mahal ko siya / Can you please tell him that I love him?
'Di na baleng may mahal siyang iba / It's not important if he loves someone else
Pakisabing 'wag siyang mag-alala / Can you please tell him not to worry?
'Di ako umaasa / I am not hoping
Alam kong ito'y malabo / I know that this is impossible
'Di ko na mababago / And I can't change anything
Ganun pa man, pakisabi na lang / Even if it's like that, can you please tell him?

Sana ay malaman niya / I want him to know
Masaya na rin ako / that I am also glad
Kahit na nasasaktan ang puso ko / Even though my heart keeps on aching

Wala na kong maisip, na mas madaling pang paraan / I can't think of any other way
'Pag nagkita kayo / If ever you'd meet
Pakisabi na lang / Can you please tell him?

[repeat *]

(Lagi lang siyang naririto sa puso ko) / (He's always here in my heart)
Pakisabi na lang / Can you please tell him?
(Pwede ba?) / (Is it alright?)

[repeat * 2x]

(mahal ko siya) / (I love him)

Ganun pa man, pakisabi na lang / Even if it's like that, can you please tell him?
(Pakisabi na lang) / (Can you please tell him?)

Pakisabi na lang / Can you please tell him?
(Pakisabi na lang) / (Can you please tell him?)
Mahal ko siya / I love him

(Pakisabi na lang) / (Can you please tell him?)
Pakisabi na lang / Can you please tell him?
(Pakisabi na lang) / (Can you please tell him?)
Mahal ko siya / I love him
Well, I will translate this sooner or later because I love both Michael's and Vice's songs for 'Hanggang Kailan'.
This is basically the answer song to Michael's 'Hanggang Kailan'. I first heard this on GGV when Michael was the guest and Vice asked her to sing the song while he sings the answer song. :) I think I want to translate such videos given that I can download them. Hehe.


Hanggang Kailan Aasa (Until When Will [I/You] Wait?)
-Vice Ganda-

Umasa kang sa'kin natagpuan
/ You hoped that you've found in me
Pag-ibig na walang hanggan / a love that never ends
Ang pagmamahalan / Our love is something
Hindi ko naipaglaban / I wasn't even able to fight for

Nagmahal ako ng iba / I loved someone else
Iniwan nga kitang mag-isa / I left you all alone
Hinanap ko sa kanya / In him, I look for
Pag-ibig na nasa'yo pala / the love that I can only find in you

Kahit pa / Even though
Magmukhang tanga na lamang / I look stupid and crazy
Ay titiisin ko / I will endure it
Hanggang mapatawad mo ako / until you can finally forgive me

*Hanggang kailan ka aasa? / Until when will you wait?
Hanggang kailan ka magdurusa? / Until when will you suffer?
Hanggang kailan? / Until when?
hanggang kailan? / Until when?

(repeat *)

Inakala ko nang ika'y aking iwan
/ I thought that when I left you
Katumbas ay sayang pang walang hangganan / I will find a never-ending happiness
Bakit ang tanong ngayon / But, why do I still ask
Hanggang kailan? / of until when?

Batid kong hanggang dito nalang / I know that this is as far as we can get
Kaya't pipilitin, tayo'y magkabalikan / That's why I will try everything for us to be together again
Ika'y muling susuyuin / I will once again serenade you
Kahit hanggang kailan / even until who knows how long

(repeat * 2x)

Sana muli mo akong tanggapin
/ Hoping that you will accept me once more

Hanggang kailan / Until when
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09 June 2017 @ 03:01 pm
I subbed Kamikazee's Narda.
Raw Video is from UniversalRecPH youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsEdinsZYsI
Please support the artist by buying his CD and also, watching the raw videos on the links above. Thank you!
Kamikazee is a popular band in the Philippines and they originally sang Narda.
"Narda" is the name of the woman who by gulping down a magical stone becomes a super hero called "Darna". The song depicts a person who fell in love with Darna and was wishing to meet her someday or even just catch glimpse of her.
*The person named "Ding" in the song is the little brother of Narda and knows of her being Darna.



Kamikazee's Narda
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I subbed two videos of Michael Pangilinan's "Hanggang Kailan".
The first video is the LIVE performance on Wish Bus 107.5 FM and the second is the official music video of the song.
Raw video is from Wish 1075 youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXNnBmMXYgk
Raw video is from ABS-CBN Starmusic youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eD7EySFOtY
Please support the artist by buying his CD and also, watching the raw videos on the links above. Thank you!


"Hanggang Kailan" (Until When) is originally sang by Michael Pangilinan.
This song depicts a story about a person who fell in love with someone one close to him/her but unfortunately, that person loved someone else. The title "hanggang kailan" refers to a non-specific time frame of when he/she will wait for his/her love to be returned.
During the latter part of the song, he/she realized the need to forget about his/her feelings. You can also hear that the singer said "Sana ako'y mapagod na" towards the end of the song. This sentence means he/she wishes to get tired of loving.

^typo error: it's Michael and not Micheal

In addition, there are four music videos for this song; three of which depicts different love stories while the last one is a compilation of the three. I subbed the compilation of the three stories to let you get the feel of all stories.

  • Letter - A story depicting a love between two guys wherein one of them decided that it's over because he will marry a woman.

  • Last Date - A story about a man and a woman in a long distance relationship. The man was living abroad and when he finally got home to propose to his girlfriend, he found out that she was pregnant and eventually, rejects his proposal.

  • Invitation - A story about two girls who got to know each other and eventually became close. A day came when they met in their usual meeting place and one of them decided to hand over a wedding invitation to the other.

This song was also popularized by a teenage love team in the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house.
Also, Vice Ganda (another Filipino artist) was captivated by this song that he made an answer song entitled "Hanggang Kailan Ka Aasa" (Until When Will You Wait).
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Because I don't have any novels to read since all of them are on-going and I hate to read one chapter a day or a week or even guess when the chapter will be release, I started looking for other novels to read.

I rarely read xianxia with female protagonists. I can only remember DKC and DOTP. I stopped reading DKC because they already got together at around 400+ chapters, I think. Hahahahaso I'm fine with it. Anyway, I wanted to look for xianxia novels with female protagonists so here's some of them that I have read and thinks that they're worthy to be recommended:

Poisoning the World - What more can I say? I loved this! Why? Because it's lovable!! The only thing that breaks my heart is how short every chapter is and how this is still on-going ;A; Basically, a SS agent transmigrating to another world and surprising everyone else. The protagonists is very funny with her reactions and everything that she does :) Anyway, let me run down some of my favorite parts.
1. When the demon guy teased the protagonist but in turn, he fell in love with her! I mean, seriously, out of nowhere, he proposed to have her as a concubine then, he even kissed her! While taking her away from her mansion! Well, he was the first guy to kiss her (even though it's on the forehead)
2. I also love the first parts where the crown prince and the protagonist gets along very much. Their lively exchange of statements and all. How the crown prince easily falls in love with her. Things like that :) How he began to treasure her; even thinking about making her his wife.
3. I like the part where the second prince, the original fiance of the protagonist, falls for her, too. He even sent Number Two to help her.
4. I definitely like the part wherein the art sage becomes jealous of the crown prince in front of the protagonist without anyone knowing hahaha
5. The most unforgettable part so far is when the crown prince misunderstood the protagonists and in turn, destroys her trust in him. OMG. I like the crown prince but I wasn't exactly rooting for him. I wasn't rooting for anyone in this story! Anyway, there's that. So basically, he misunderstood her and she gets hurt and detaches herself from him. Then, he realized that he was wrong and was trying to gain her favor (that restaurant scene!). He was even going to ask her hand in marriage!! But still, his sister is more important so nah, she's still hurt and didn't think of the crown prince other than being an old acquaintance.

Chu Wang Fei - I didn't think I would like this one. OMG. Once again, reverse harem. And once again, another fiance who ends up falling for the protagonist :D Let me run down the unforgettable facts I can still remember lol:
1. THAT ALBINO KID!!! I wanted him to interact more with the protagonist because he also deserves her attention and also, screen time. Hahahaha. I just don't like it when he takes action but the author always cuts it off. :(
2. The crown prince, again. The story is that the protagonist is the crown prince's fiance but he didn't want her and then someone transmigrated so she changed and then the crown prince likes her again. But he can never openly tell anyone!! OMG. I remember that scene when she was alone and the crown prince suddenly appeared out of nowhere to talk to her and tell her that she shouldn't trust the male lead and how she should accept him instead. OMG OMG OMG OMG MY HEART BURSTED AT THAT MOMENT!! There are a number of times when the crown prince wanted to save her or get her attention but of course, there's alwys the male lead who gets first. LOL Anyway, I love that part when he wanted her to marry him but everyone else is so against it.
3. Who can forget the male lead. Gosh. I can't really count the times that they pierced my heart when it comes to Chu Yang. ;A; Anyway, I love this lead and although he's really fishy, he's still the male lead hahahaha
4. I wanted to princes of other kingdom to fall in love with her but, I think that's not gonna happen soon.

Bewitching Prince - Yet again, another heart brokwn crown prince who regrets taking the protagonist for granted hahahaha Too short!! I can't really that much about this story but it's very light and all :)
I just want to say that... What the h*ck???

I used to love reading LLS. Yeah, it was in the past. But, I stopped because here comes these chapters full of H scenes and all. lllorzlll I have nothing against H things, okay? But, I was reading LLS without those then suddenly, you shove me with those kinds of chapters just because Yue Yang has a lot of female partners? Huhuhuhu Whyyyyyy??

I skipped a lot of chapters. I only regain my happiness when Hui Tai Lang appears or when Yue Yang starts his adventure once again.

Seriously, I didn't read LLS for that double cultivation to appear a lot of times just because Yue Yang is a super cool protagonist that can make any woman fall for him. -_-

Fortunately, Hui Tai Lang saves the day!
Pare, Mahal Naman Kita
By: Michael Pangilinan

Pare, umiiwas ka ba?
Dude, are you avoiding me?
Sa akin ba'y may galit ka?
Are you mad at me?
Ano bang nagawa kong kasalanan at
What did I do wrong that
Ako ngayo'y bigla na lang iniwan?
you suddenly decided to leave me?

Pare, sa'yo'y nasabi na
Dude, I already told you
'Di mag-iiba kaibigan lang kita
Nothing will change, we're only friends
Kung higit pa roon ang inaasahan
If you want something more than that
'Di ko kaya, 'Wag ka sanang magdamdam
I just can't and I hope you won't feel bad

*Pare mahal naman kita
Dude I do love you
Pero ako'y nangangamba
But I'm just worried
Kung ipipilit lang ang nais mo
If we force the things that you want
Baka mayroon lang mag-iba
Maybe then, something will change
Hanggang kaibigan lang ang alay ko sa'yo
All I can offer you is this friendship
Pero mahal naman kita, O pare ko
But I do love you, dude

Pare, 'wag kang mag-alala
Dude, don't worry
Nandito lang ako sasamahan ka
I'm here and will stay with you
Kahit pa tuksuhin layuan ng iba
Even if others tease and leave you
'Di ako mawawala, hinding-hindi mag-iisa
I will not go and you won't be alone

(repeat *)

Hindi maiilang lagi mong tandaan
Just remember that I will not be uncomfortable
Kaibigan mo ako walang hanggan
And that I will forever be your friend

(repeat *)