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I feel like I have to release this flailing over a song which hunted me for months now.
It doesn't hunt me in a bad way but rather, I really love the song from the bottom of my heart.
Based on the title of this post, you already know what song it is.
Honestly speaking, I never heard or known such song before BoybandPH sang it in Wish Bus 107.5
Here's the link: I loved Joao's voice in this song


Why do I love the song?
Well aside from the melody, I love the lyrics so much that if I really have to list the things I want to find in my other half, it would be in this song.
To make everything short, what makes me fall in love with a person is written in this song. :D


I want somebody to share, share the rest of my life
Share my innermost thoughts, know my intimate details
Someone who'll stand by my side and give me support
And in return, she'll get my support

Everyone surely wants someone who'll know them very well and thus, would understand them.
Of course, the last part of this stanza is touching because it really is needed in any relationship.
If couples in a relationship support each other, they surely understand each other.
Take for example idols.
If idols have lovers, they would of course want their lovers to support them in their career and understand their work, right?
Yes, this comes down to my fantasies of being in a relationship with Yama-chan hahaha!

She would listen to me, when I want to speak
About the world we live in and life in general
Though my views maybe wrong, they may even be perverted
She'll hear me out and won't easily be converted

I don't know if this applies to everyone but seriously, I want someone whom I can talk about everything in this universe particularly during wee hours of the night.
I'm a person who has random thoughts and knowledge and such, I love to talk to people that can be funny at times and also says things with sense. :)
Am I making any sense here?
Anyway, I do love people that I can talk about cute cats at but at the same time, talk about parallel universe and time travel.
Regarding the last lines of the stanza, that is so meeeee!!
I want someone who will listen to me but wouldn't just nod or agree.
Instead, he would give his own opinion and insights and may even prove me wrong.
If you haven't asked, I have a tendency to get infatuated with people whose opinions are total opposite of mine. Weird, right?

To my way of thinking in fact she'll often disagree
But at the end of it all, she would understand me

I need not explain the first line.
The last line is important. Super duper important.
Even though you have opposite views in life or opposite opinions, at the end of the day, both of you will understand each other.
Ahhhh~ It's really direct.

I want somebody who cares for me passionately
With every thought and with every breath
Someone who'll help me see things in a different light
All the things I detest, I will almost like

I'm pretty sure that even people who are used to doing things on their won and without the help of others would surely feel good when someone can spoil them from time to time. :) Anyone would have that feeling that being spoiled by a person is not that bad.
Also, for the last two lines... I need not explain more.
It's nice to have someone with a different point of view from yourself because it will only widen your horizon, knowledge, and help you understand a lot of things.
Also, when you care for someone, sometimes, even though you don't like a particular thing but because of that person, you will come to a point where you will like that thing.
*cough* I remember posting here about how I came to like strawberries because of Yama-chan and also my reaction on the movie "Tenshi no Koi".

I don't want to be tied with anyone's string
I'm carefully trying to steer clear of those things
But when I'm asleep, I want somebody
Who will put their arms around me and kiss me tenderly

It's not easy to look for someone whom you'll feel comfortable with and has most of what you're looking for in a person.
This is why you can't just go out with anybody or fall in love that easily.
love and like are different, okay?
Also, it would be difficult to be with someone you don't really care for because eventually, you'll only hurt that person.

Though things like this, makes me sick
In a case like this, I'll get away with it

This particular line is something that maybe different in my point of view from others.
I honestly thought these lines are pertaining to the last stanza.
That someone who isn't used to being sweet and caring will eventually let it go for the person they love. *send hearts*
Anyway, no matter how you interpret this last line, the whole song for me is something that would be close to my heart.


I do hope after posting this, this hunting would stop. ;A;
By the way, I got the subbed video from janiizu_station
Please do drop by their LJ and thank them :) Thank you!

The concert, as usual, starts with the intro of a mini-drama whatsoever and I was waiting what role would Yama be portraying but I luaghed so hard when it was shown that he was the one delivering the letter. XD IDKW. Something about me was saying, "What role is that?"

Who could resist those eyes? >///<

Well, I died. I just died. Goodbye world.

HAHAHAHA! I revived in Run de boo but died again in Kimi Attraction. lllorzlll

Inoo-chan was cute during Viva 9's Soul intro and also, Hika-chan's hair color suited their first costume :D

They really want to make fun of Dai-chan XD

I love his smile but I love the most is his laughter and this kind of smile <3

YabuHika <3 It's not dead. Never.

It's aliveeeeee!! YamaChi!!! Well, I'm an AriYama fan guys so huhuhu it hurts but at the same time my heart goes doki doki~

My most fave costume of Dai-chan <3

That moment when your number is for rock but you just had to be cute and all XD

I don't like this HS7 song. My most hated song of them. Huhuhu

You guys can guess who's body this belongs to. XD

KoyaShige the second Hahahaha! Somehow, they remind me of those two :) But I really don't understand their song at all XD

To our dream with this team. -Keito

;A; The message is beautiful.

But seriously, who thought of these costumes ahahahaha!


I love the pairing. My ultimate OTP. I love the song. I love the dance steps. What more can I say?
I remember my friend told me that whe you want to learn HSJ dance moves, you should look at Dai. But when you wat to appreciate the moves, look at Yama. It's only because you can easily follow dai's steps unlike yama's hahaha Everything seems so hard. XD

I love this song, Eve. And also, I love Takaki's solo <3 His voice suited it. >///<

JUMP's concert or shooting of Grasshopper? XD

03 August 2017 @ 11:34 pm
I have subbed two NND videos I stored before. I got nothing to do (one sunny day) and decided to sub those.
Like usual, I won't take any credit except for the subbing part. :)

[ENG SUB] Love Ninja by RootFive √5

I have long since wanted to sub other √5 but I have didn't expect that I won't be possess by productivity-sama. Anyway, I have other videos of them that I also stored but I don't think I will sub anything soon. :/

I miss flailing utaites. Seriously.

[ENG SUB] Star-catching Net by MikitoP x Natsushiro Takaaki

This song is included in Stars on Planet and if you guessed it, it's close to my heart. I wasn't able to go to the morning concert where Shiro was singing for the main part. I was only able to go to the evening one where Soraru sang. Anyway, SOP will always be close to my heart. I will forever treasure my experience and the moment I was able to have my dream come true. :)
PS. MikitoP was in the concert I went to but sadly, he was in incognito mode and ZimuingG only told us during the MC part.
21 July 2017 @ 08:57 pm
I stumbled upon this old recording. *cough*
I might strangle myself in the future for bringing this up but :meh:
Feeling nostalgic, I listened and actually found it funny :D
We were really young back then and tried everything we can think of. (Like live recording hahaha)
Excuse us for the lame recording since this is only for our amusement hahaha
The audio is broken in so many ways and the second trial was only saved (somehow) by a software for editing LOL
The equipment is only the laptop's mic that's why you can't hear some parts since other people are so far from the laptop hahaha
Anyway, with the limited resources we have and only thinking of having fun instead of thinking to do this one seriously, we bring you these two trials hahaha
Just click on the pictures and it will direct you to the youtube link :)

^A lot of members singing haha

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In a world of politics and power, where does feeling dwell in?
-He Xia, Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang

*cough* I was looking for a manhua to read and came across this "Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang". It only has 12 chapters scanlated due to some reasons you'll read on the net. Anyway, I saw that it has a novel and fortunately, it was a completed one! The completed chinese novels I have read can be counted on one hand!!! That's why I'm soooooo happy!

Don't think about it. Come with me. I'm willing to follow you into hell and heaven.
-Chu Beijie

Can I just say that CBJ is the kind of male protagonist who doesn't easily fall in love but then, goes crazy when he does? Most of the girls find this kind of guy pleasing and lovable, by the way. He's the kind of guy who's hard to get, so serious and strict and so, it pleases one's heart when he falls in love. Because he will also become serious when he falls for you. :3 This way, it makes the girls go kyaa~ kyaa~ and doki~ doki~ (in Tagalog, kilig) because it's like conquering a difficult hurdle in life and getting the first place prize. Hahaha!

It's destiny that we were to meet, so may we just unite this one time?
-Bai Pingting

There's a lot of things I want to say about BPT, particularly about her hard-headedness, stubborness, and sense of pride. There were a lot of ways in which wars could have been prevented but she persisted on being stubborn and only wants to get her hands on what she wants which in turns brushes off other people's feelings. -_- Except for her being a tactician, I hate everything about her.

I chose you way back then, and I refuse to let you run away. I'm going to take you with me on the battlefield in the future.
-Chu Beijie

CBJ is really only looking for a woman suitable for him. Ahhh~ I so love him <3

Why be annoyed, since it's hard to ger certain flowers sometimes? When I choose my Duchess, I won't look for someone pretty, just for someone who can accompany me to battle.
-Chu Beijie

There's no set way to interpreting music, so why isn't stopping at the happiest moment acceptable?
-Bai Pingting

Since ancient times, there have only been songs of victory. Since when were there songs of defeat as well?
-Bai Pingting

He Xia is lucky enough that there were people who understood him despite what he did. Because as a reader, I really can't.

Those who know battle tctics can't always fight in a war themselves.
-Bai Pingting

I am the soul that meanders through the snow-white plains, you are the world's sharpest blade. Between us, lies a mountain of hatred and betrayal. High mountains, surrounded by snow. You cannot see me, I cannot see you.
-Bai Pingting

What is famous, you say; it is distinguishing what's important and what's not.
-Chu Beijie

If a thousand arrow's head for me, although I won't live for long, I doubt you would.
-Chu Beijie

The hardest thing for people to do is to know when to attack and when to retreat. That day, I attacked Chu Biejie. But today, it is time for me to retreat.
-Bai Pingting

An unstable love born amidst danger. Only when they part, do they realise the depth of their love.
-He Xia

In this world, those who have fallen in love cannot make clear judgments.
-(Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang)

I have never liked him fighting wars to kill because it was all someone else's thoughts. He fought for power, protecting the throne while the King of Bei Mo used him as a tool for murder, a doll with a sword. But I let him pick up the sword now because he did so for himself.
It's something he wants to do. No one forced him, no one begged him. It's something he wholeheartedly wanted to do. I mustn't stop him.


Actually, I cannot blame Yangfeng when BPT joined the war between Bei Mo and Dong Lin. She was only thinking of herself and her husband. She was being selfish, yes, but the main point here is that BPT can ignore it. Ooh~ I really hate BPT. I think that even if Yangfeng didn't beg her, she would still join the war because at the end of the day, she only wanted to see CBJ and test whether he would still accept her. :meh:

What I didn't like about Yangfeng is when she didn't oppose the King of Bei Mo's order to kill CBJ nephews. -_- Other than that, Yangfeng is really the BFF you'd have. She would even choose you over her own husband. Joke!

Dust and sunset; where were the heartbroken people? I hope the sky has a soul, one that will give both grass and forgiveness. No matter where I go, I hope happiness follows.
-Bai Pingting

Maybe it's God's will. If I could make such poison, maybe every country would face threats instead of promise of peace.
-Bai Pingting

Why must good people fight and kill?

Remember this. No commander would stop after defeat for that would be a costly mistake. I want to capture Bai Pingting alive only because I respect her.
-Chu Beijie

If she didn't have such skill and intelligence, would she be worthy of my love?
-Chu Beijie

If she didn't completely trust in me, she wouldn't have bet her life and use this tactic.
-Chu Beijie

The potential bloodhsed of her complicated plotting, how was it fair to the person who'd once so tenderly placed daisies in her hair?
-(Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang)

They say a hundred years pass like a dream, but this dream is really long. It's so damn painful.
-Bai Pingting

Men an easily fall in lovw with beautiful women and it's easy to be entertained by them, but just how many women are worthy enough so that a man would want to stay by her side forever?
-He Su

A woman's kindness should not interfere with national affairs anyway.
-Ze Yin

I love Ze Yin,too. He's the kind of guy who will do whatever his lover wants him to do but still bares in mind everything that needed to be. I love how Yangfeng allowed him to go to war and boost the rebels morale. Because, at the end of the day, the type of woman this guy needs is someone who can understand him the most.

Love is something you won't understand until you encounter it.
-Bai Pingting

A country was a home, but only with a country could one have a home.
-(Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang)

I will exchange the greatest bloodshed in history and the future, with the whole nation's power, for your smile.
-Chu Beijie

A wife's jealousy is the most poisonous, not to mention that she's a princess.

It's worth it. Because from now on, all of Bei Mo's people will know that He Xia is not that scary. He Xia can bleed, He Xia can be injured too. And there will definitely be a day when He Xia is defeated too.
-Ze Yin

I told you. I love this General. <3

One can only see the most clarity when their heart is without distractions. Maybe because toda, I will never have to pretend or have anything to hide from King.
-Queen of Gui Le

One's strength is meaningless when knowing defeat is certain.
-He Su

What is lost will always be lost. Why is it that when people make their choices, they can never remember this? I really regret it.
-He Xia

Sometimes three inches of snow aren't donw in just a single day of cold. Father-in-law, war is always about the heart and mind. Although He Xia looked like he had great power, without a loyal morale in his troops, the seeds to defeat were actually already planted.

Hi guys! It's been a while since I last shared utaite-related project/merch. Anyway, I did buy the score book feat. Amatsuki's and ZimuingG's collaboration. I realized that I didn't post any scans of it.
I basically bought the book because I loooooooove piano arrangements and then, I love Amatsuki's songs. ^^,
I do have a little knowledge on reading score sheets and actually playing them :)
Then, I was also buying my sister Voltage merchs as a Christmas gift so I decided, why not buy this along with those.
So, I did and voila~! Here it is!

By the way, as a note, I'm only scanning Amatsuki's pictures on that book.
If you want the score sheet, please do message me the song and I'll send it :)

Please make sure to have a mediafire account and do message me if you want to have access to the scans ^^
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15 July 2017 @ 09:52 pm
So, this is a bit late since I'm not really active and always online but!
Cosplay.ph already released the schedule for their JAM concert! :D
You can check out their FB page @ Cosplay Mania or click on the picture to go to their page!

Kradness is going to the PHILIPPINES!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
Current Mood: gigglygiggly
You can see the post here -> COSPLAY MANIA FACEBOOK PAGE or just click the picture hehehe


The Story:
I was sleeping [and was already in a deep sleep] when I suddenly heard my mom telling my dad how I can sleep despite the noise. Then, I woke up still feeling drowsy and all. I heard my phone ring and told my mom to hand it to me. It was my sister. When I finally answered the phone, my sister ended the call. Then, she called my mom's cellphone but when mom answered, the call also ended. She, once again, called through my mom's second phone which my mom was finally able to answer. My sister was asking for me so I got the phone [still feeling sleepy and everything].

Sis: Do you remember the artist from last year's AFA? The one we blah blah blah
Me: Yeah. Why? *suddenly, a thought struck me] OMG IS HE COMING IN THE PHILIPPINES!? OMG! DON'T TELL ME?!
Sis: I just opened my FB and saw the post of CM. He's included in the JAM artists.
Me: *jumping and screaming* OMG OMG OMG OMGHE'S COMING? HE'S COMING! OMG!!!

That's the story and up until now, I can't control my excitement!!
My friends are not online and I don't have anyone to talk to!!!
But I'm glad that he's coming!!! FINALLY! An utaite in our country!! Waaaaa!!!
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10 July 2017 @ 08:18 pm


It's been so loooooong! I just want to take on this opportunity to list the novels I read / have been reading these past few moments of my life. ;A;

If you find them interesting, please do tell me because I'm thirsty for people in this fandom!!! OMG

  • Against the gods [highly recommended]
  • Battle through the heavens
  • Bewitching prince spoils his wife
  • Black bellied prince's stunning abandoned consort
  • Bringing a farm to live in another world
  • Child of light
  • Chu wang fei
  • Close combat mage
  • Coiling dragon
  • Demon's dairy
  • Demonic king chases his wife
  • Descent of the phoenix
  • Doomed to be a cannon fodder
  • Douluo dalu [highly recommended]
  • Emperor's domination
  • Enchantress among alchemists
  • Evil emperor's wild consort
  • Genius doctor-black belly miss [highly recommended]
  • God of cooking
  • Good for nothing seventh young lady
  • Heavenly jewel change
  • I shall seal the heavens
  • Insanely pampered wife
  • King of gods
  • King's avatar
  • Konjiki no wordmaster
  • Legendary moonlight sculptor
  • Long live summons
  • Martial world
  • Mesmerizing ghost doctor
  • Miracle throne
  • Nine cauldrons
  • Otherwordly evil monarch
  • Peerless martial god
  • Poison genius consort
  • Poisoning the world
  • Prodigiously amazing weaponsmith
  • Sealed divine throne
  • Sovereign of the three realms
  • Stellar transformations
  • Strongest abandoned son
  • Tales of demons and gods
  • True martial world
  • Unprecedented pill refiner
  • Upgrade specialist in another world
  • Wu dong qian kun
  • Ze tian ji
  • Zhan long

I hope you guys would read them particularly the recommended ones!! ^^

10 June 2017 @ 08:19 am
I saw my MF folder and realized that some videos there haven't been posted here.
So, in order to get them out, I will dump them here!
I will not be posting SCs because those files are already saved somewhere else and I would have to get my Dragon Ball radar just to find them.

Raw videos from NND site and/or youtube depending on the file.

Without further interruptions, please enjoy them:

Various Utaite:

[ENG SUB] A very, very merry Christmas - Amatsuki

[ENG SUB] Hatsukoi no Ehon -another story- ver Amatsuki

[ENG SUB] Alice ver Swy (taken from his nama)

[ENG SUB] BelovedxSurvival - Gero

[ENG SUB] Pure Love Delusion - Rootfive (animated ver)

[ENG SUB] Pure Love Delusion - Rootfive (live action ver)

[ENG SUB] Love Flower - Rootfive

[ENG SUB] Let's - Smiley*2gs

Lakorn/Thai Fandom:

[ENG SUB] Love has no conditions - Nat&Tol  (Official MV and Love Sick S2 OST)

Tagalog songs / OPM:

[ENG SUB] Hiling - Silent Sanctuary (Official MV)

[ENG SUB] Kundiman - Silent Santuary (Official MV)

[ENG SUB] Pangaral lang kita - Parokya ni Edgar (Official MV)

[ENG SUB] Sa isang sulyap mo (Official MV)

[ENG SUB] Sleep - Rivermaya (Official MV)